Motorcycle rental

  • BMW F850 GS
  • BMW R1250 GS
BMW F850 GS - smaller brother of GS1200 and GS1250, an ideal balance of size and power for any offroad route. An engineering masterpiece sure to bring you greatest joy on the journey.
  • Top speed: 200 km/h - 125 mph
  • Power: 70 kW - 94 HP
  • Curb weight: 230 kg - 507 lb

Price of rental depends on type and duration of expedition and is provided in description of individual trip offert

BMW R1250 GS - youngest of BMW GS family, succesor of legendary GS1200. Horsepower raised by 11 and engine capacity of 1250ml pays in even greater acceleration and joy of riding.
  • Top speed: 200 km/h - 125 mph
  • Power: 100 kW - 135 HP
  • Curb weight: 250 kg - 551 lb

Price of rental depends on type and duration of expedition and is provided in description of individual trip offert


Approximate length of expedition

1000 km


7 days

Off road

85 %

Sardinia is particularly beloved by motorcyclists thanks to its picturesque routes leading through wild and mountainous landscapes inland, as well as along the rocky coastline and golden beaches.

Motorcycle Transport

Transport motocykla

Optionally, HMT offers carriage of the Participat's personal motorcycle to the starting point of any of expeditions.

Vechicles are transported by specifically designed trailer or suited for the task „cages”.

Participant's motorcycle pick-up location

In case of choosing option of transporting private motorcycle by HMT we offer you two variants or it's reclaim:

Variant 1 – reclaim location decided by HMT

Variant 2 – reclaim location chosen by the Participant

If first variant is choosed, the Participant will get detail info about time and place where he should deliver his vechicle by email. (Usually from 5 to 10 days before the start of adventure). Choosing second variant is followed by Participant's e-mail or phonecall with desired reclaim adress at least 14 days before beginning. The motorcycle is picked up from the Participant between 10 and 3 days before the trip starts, at additional charge.

Motorcyclea are returned to Participants up to 14 days after the end of adventure in place depending on choosed transport variant.

Transport price list:


Price of transport from place chosen by HMT: 510 EUR

Aforementioned prices are added to the base price of the expedition.

About us

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The HMT Helios Moto Tours Company was created in result of passion for traveling and motorcycles. After many adventures and raids we participated in, we decided to gather all our experience and share it with you. We do this because of passion! Many years of experience in travelling, tripping, logistics and transport goes into ensuring the journey with us will be well organised and safe. We seek taking part in our journey not only a good entertainment, but most importantly, a wonderful adventure.

We accept no half-measures neither third solutions in arragement of the expedition. Everything has to be top-notch. We plan no routes or accomodations we haven't tested ourselves before. Going with us makes you our brother. Since we share a common passion, the atmosphere we're accompanied by is unique. You'll find yourself coming back from any trip with plentiful of new experiences, wonderful memories and a group of new friends.

It's a pleasure to share our experience and passion with You. Enjoy the comfort of travelling along our team and recommend us to your friends!


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