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Morocco is an ideal place to start your adventure with Africa and the black land. We offer a trip through the country, which at every step of the way surprises with its cultural and civilization diversity. In a few hours from the snow-capped peaks of the mountains you can move to the sun-scorched desert. During the expedition we will explore together the picturesque Atlas Mountains, sandy and rocky boundlessness and endless sands of the desert, including fesh-fesh. Our journey aims to fully feel the true wilderness of Africa. We will visit the places where the Berbers live and learn about their culture. Together we will stay in traditional villages and towns, where we will drink the traditional "Berber Whisky". - the famous Moroccan mint tea.

The program also includes an adventure/off-road tour of the famous Dakar Rally. On our expedition we try to avoid asphalt roads, as much as 85% of the route is off-road! However, this does not mean that you have to be a professional rally driver to drive them. The routes are very varied, and everyone will have a great time here, both on the small and the big enduro. All accommodations are organized by us and checked beforehand. Let's not however expect European luxury all-inclusive hotels! We will be spending the night in a traditional Moroccan home - a RIAD, where we will get to know the hospitality of the hosts, eat a traditional meal and rest before further travel. This expedition is a unique feast for the soul and eyes!

Dates of trips

  • 2021-11-06 - 2021-11-16 Many Tickets Still Available

Base price of expedition includes:

  • 10 nights in hotels of ***/**** standard and/or in RIADs, in double rooms
  • meals: 10 breakfasts, 10 dinners
  • transfer of the Participant from and to Malaga airport to the starting point of the expedition
  • ferry charges
  • parking and tourist tax in hotels
  • assistance of a 4x4 service and luggage car along the entire route
  • the care of a guide on a motorcycle
  • basic insurance
  • a package of photos from the expedition for each Participant
  • a T-shirt

Base price of expedition does not include:

  • air flights (the approximate ticket price depends on the time of booking and ranges from €50 to €250 from German airports) or other means of transport to the starting point of the expedition and the return flight or transport
  • fuel during the expedition,
  • meals and drinks other than breakfast served in hotels
  • possible admission tickets or guides to the visited objects
  • additional medical expenses / post-accident treatment and accident plans insurance (recommended)
  • baggage insurance
  • other personal expenses

Motorcycle rent offer

Participants are offered motorcycle rent at prices said below:

  • BMW F850 GS : 790 €
  • BMW R1250 GS : 890 €

We offers help with choosing proper vehicle for a particular expedition. Read the Terms and Conditions of Motorcycle Rental.

Practical info

Number of participants

  • The minimum number of participants to organize the expedition is 4.
  • Maximum number of participants in the expedition - 9 persons.

Start and finish of the expedition

The place where the expedition begins and ends is Malaga. Participants are obliged to appear at the designated place and time, which they will be informed about by e-mail.

Trip route

The indicative length of the route is around 2400 km. Approximately 85% of the route is planned to be off-road. The route may vary depending on current weather conditions and other factors affecting the safety of Participants and the expedition. The daily length of the route is expected to be approximately 150-250 km. A detailed route plan will be provided to Participants at the first organizational meeting.


In the description of the offer we use the categorization valid in the given country. Nevertheless, each country applies its own criterion for awarding a specific category of facility. Moroccan traditional guest houses, called RIADs, do not have a categorization. It should be considered that the quality of hotel and hotel service standards differs from those found in the European Union. Usually, a hotel day ends at 10.00 a.m. and begins at 2.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. Some hotels are air-conditioned. However, from time to time they may not work or their operation depends on the standard of accommodation.

Guide care

During the expedition the participants are covered by a motorcycle guide and a 4x4 car with a driver. In the assisting car, the Participants can deposit their luggage in order to transport it to the places of accommodation on the route of the expedition and benefit from basic service assistance. The tour guide is a competent HMT representative. Upon arrival of the group, the guide will inform you about the daily schedule of the expedition (routes, refueling, meals, etc.).


Morocco is not a member country of the European Union, so each Participant) must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of return to the country of departure. HMT is not responsible for persons who are not allowed to cross the border for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer. Each of the Participants should check for themselves whether, due to their citizenship, entering Morocco will require an entry visa. The Participant arranges the visa formalities on his own. An identity card or passport is required to travel to the EU countries.


  • The participant may take hand baggage up to 20 kg, which will be carried on the route of the expedition by a service car.
  • Please pay attention to the terms and conditions of baggage transport by the airline in which you purchased your air ticket. In case the air ticket is booked by HMT, the Participant will receive information regarding the flight and baggage terms and conditions together with the personal ticket to the e-mail address given in the contract form. Any excess baggage shall be subject to an additional charge in accordance with the fare applicable to the air carrier concerned.

Communication systems

The Participants of the expedition will be given a phone contact details to the Guide and to the driver of the service car, as well as the necessary emergency phone numbers (ambulance, police). It is recommended to buy a Moroccan phone card.

Language of communication

German, English, Polish, Russian


It is recommended for the Participant to obtain voluntary insurance, considering the circumstances of the expedition (motorcycle riding, possibility of injury, etc.).

Required documents

  • driving license for motorcycles (e.g. category A)
  • motorcycle registration certificate
  • compulsory vehicle insurance and accident plans / medical expenses insurance
  • authorization to use the motorcycle if the Participant is not the owner of the vehicle


Moroccan currency is Moroccan dirham. The currency can be exchanged upon arrival in Marrakech. It is recommended to bring a minimum of about 5500.00 dirhams (the amount does not include personal expenses, souvenirs, etc.).

Other information

HMT will make every effort to ensure that the expedition runs smoothly, however, possible changes may be caused by extraordinary circumstances, unforeseeable or avoidable, or concerns regarding Participants' safety.

By concluding a contract for the provision of tourist services, the Participant agrees to comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Participation in expeditions organized by HMT.

Necessary equipment

  • homologated helmet (offroad/enduro/adventure type recommended) + goggle
  • Motorcycle clothing (jacket, trousers) suitable for off-road or adventure riding
  • Motorcycle boots (off-road/enduro recommended)
  • motorcycle gloves
  • camelback with a capacity of min. 1,5 l
  • off-road tires
  • Flange (recommended)
  • armor (recommended)


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  • 2021-11-06 - 2021-11-16 Many Tickets Still Available
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  • Motorcycle transport from place chosen by HMT +690 euro)
  • Motorcycle transport from place chosen by Participant (+880 euro)
  • Motorcycle rental BMW F850 GS (+790 euro)
  • Motorcycle rental BMW R1250 GS (+890 euro)
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